10 Lucrative Skills In Demand Around The World

The world is evolving at a fast pace and labor does not need certificates anymore, rather, attention is given to those who posses the skills. Hence, it is very important to at least learn a skill outside your industry or profession. Not just any skill, but skills in demand around the world that will give you an edge over competitors.

It is also understandable that most of us are always occupied with our work or other engagements and may not have time to learn a new skill. An old dog cannot learn a new trick – huh? That may not totally be true in this case as most hottest and lucrative skills in demand can be learnt online.

With the advent of OpenCourseWare (OCW), many prestigious universities now publish their courses online for everybody to access and have free education. Therefore, there is no longer a limitation to what you can learn online due to financial constraints. Here is a List of Online Institutions With Free OpenWareCourses.

Again, not only Universities publish educational materials on the internet. Individuals also use so many media to educate the public, example Youtube videos. Though, some of these programs are paid for but paying to learn a skill is worth the spending.

But before we go further to tell you the skills in demand around the world, let us discuss why skill acquisition is important.

Reasons why you need to learn a new skill

You may be wondering why you will need to learn a new skill when you already have a job? Here are few reasons that may make you think twice about grabbing one of the hottest skills in demand around the world.


Yes!! – Diversification. Simply means we are not going to stuck with doing same thing everyday. At a point, it gets boring. Not only that, diversification gives you better odds to survival as it is risky to put all your eggs in one basket.

In other words, nothing is guaranteed in life. A skill different from your career serves as a contingency plan that will start you up in case your career path becomes shaky.

Alternative earning

Here in Itzbiztime, we always clamor, advocate and teach ways you can make money from side hustle. This is because i have been a salary earner and I know that salary money is never enough.

Therefore, you will need something to be doing to help fix the bills. Most of these skills requires few hours of your time in a day and can be flexed as a part time hustle. It may also interest you to know that most side hustles can pay you more than a full time job.

To learn more How You Can Earn Money From Home, Follow this link.

To boost portfolio

It is quite obvious that most employers are not looking at certificates again. They now resort to asking, “what can you do?”

Just imagine you are applying for a job as a Medical Lab Scientist and they are asking you if you have a skill in management. Management skill at that point is a boost to you portfolio and will help you get a career in the field of science.

Therefore, bag as many skills as you can – you will never know when you will need it.

Build confidence

The more skills you have, the better your adaptability and the more confident you become. That is to say that, you will not panic because there is change in routine or new boss in your office. As a matter of fact, you are confident that you are indispensable because of the skills you possess.

For actualization of dream

To some of us, it is just for the fun. Example, I have always wanted to learn how to write programming languages and codes. I never thought of making money from it, but the mere seeing of the output gives me a sense of fulfillment.

Hence, if there is a skill you may have desired to learn all these while, it is time you go for it. It may be music, photography etc.

Hottest Skills in Demand around the world

Now that you have read some reasons why it is important to learn a new skill. Let us move on to tell you the hottest skills in demand around the world. You maybe wondering why we chose them as the hottest skills in demand? Below are the few criteria for choosing them as hot-selling-cake skills;

  1. It is not location specific – Both developing and developed nations need it.
  2. They are freelancing type of jobs – You are not stuck with just one employer, rather, your job is based on contract and demand.
  3. You can work from home far away from where the job is.
  4. These skills are advancing with the new technology and cannot easily phase out anytime soon.

Below is a list of the Lucrative skills in demand around the world currently.

  1. Management Skills
  2. Blockchain Technology
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. UI/UX Design
  5. Software Developing
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Programming
  8. Business Analysis
  9. Data science
  10. Digital marketing

Management skills

Every life activity, business, personal life or career requires management skills. The most sought skill for job recruitment is the management skills. Therefore, learning management skills will not only help you with your personal dealings but also your career portfolio.

Some of the management skills worth knowing includes; Business management skills, Project management, Time management, Human Resource Management, Supply chain and Logistics management.

Consequently, management skills can fit you in any type of Job and make you useful in all fields.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is not just limited to cryptocurrencies as many will think, rather, it is software network that functions both as a digital ledger and a mechanism enabling the secure transfer of assets without an intermediary.

This technology aims at solving problems related to storage, processing and sharing of information that regards units of value. Such units includes; currencies, land titles, supply chain and logistic monitoring, music royalties tracking etc.

Therefore, blockchain technology can be used in all firms as a way of tracking and monitoring of data inflow in a decentralized way. Meaning that, each participant in the network system is entitled to access the information on this technology.

Opportunities  lies in blockchain development for cryptocurrencies, private and public blockchain companies such as IBM.

Cloud computing

This is an innovation that focus on owning a data center where companies or organizations can rent for their IT managements. These data may include; servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence.

In cloud computing, the charge is on pay-as-you-go basis. Therefore, a single software can have many subscribers and generates a lot of money for the owner.

Cloud computing skill is important because companies or even individuals can hardly manage their data. Hence, they will subscribe to a source which can. Example, the Dropbox where you can save your videos, the WordPress that manages your website, Netflix and so many other companies.

So, there is limitless opportunities in cloud computing because everything that have to do with data storage, processing, intelligence, networking etc. can be computed in the cloud.

UI/UX design

The UI stands for “User Interface” while the UX  stands for “User Experience”. Hence, the UI/UX design is a skill that focuses on designing a credible interface on apps or web pages that will ensure that the users will have a wonderful experience using them.

This skill is geared towards improving consumers satisfaction by designing a user friendly interface . So, they help to influence the actions, emotions and predisposition of consumers to choosing a product through the manipulation of the marketing interface.

According to Herman  Ebbinghaus’ , studies show that the human brain tends to remember the first and last pieces of information in sequence. Also, the Human Associative learning theory postulates that human memory or learning is not isolated, rather, it as by association of different independent stimuli. Simply put, different ideas and memory reinforce each other to build a bigger memory or picture.

In other words, every little design, every little pinch or color or detail can affect the acceptability of a product based on association.

Therefore, the UI/UX designers utilize these theories in arranging every word, sound, picture or even emoji on an interface to achieve the goal and the desired experience of the consumers.

Hence, this skill is in demand around the world because, most if not all technologies require a friendly user interface.

Here is a list of free courses for UI/UX design learning.

Software development

The advent of digital technology paved way for software development. This includes; the process of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components.

In essence, no digital device can run without a software, therefore, the demand for software engineers keeps on increasing as more innovations on technologies are made everyday.

An outstanding example of what these developers can do is the Google Playstore.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the Top Lucrative Online Business To Earn Money. This is because, there is a heavy growth of businesses that exist online. Most of these businesses offer affiliate marketing opportunities to individuals who can help drive customers to their business.

An affiliate marketer works by redirecting potential customers from his end to a business, once the customers pays the seller, they get a commission for the sale.

It is worth knowing that most affiliate marketers earns yearly in 6 digits. This is a serious skill if you are able to get a sufficient platform for generating enough traffic such as a blog or social media followers.


Programming is not only a hot cake among the skills to learn in Nigeria but also to the whole world. In a simple term, Programming simply means solving man’s problem using computer algorithms. This skill is needed virtually in all fields of life and in all disciplines.

Digital informatics for example is a course that is one of the top medical degree in demand because, it has to do with solving medical problems using computer programs. Many other disciplines also have a computer program related to their profession which is to be written by a programmer.

In fact, the amazing thing about programming is that you can think of an idea or a way to solve a problem and put it in a computer language or coding.

It means that this skill will not wear off easily since everything now is about computer, rather, it will grow with every profession.

Business Analysis

A business analyst  identifies and define the solutions that will maximize the value delivered by an organization to its stakeholders. He/she uses different Business analysis tools to determine  benefits, avoidance of cost, identification of new opportunities, understanding of required capabilities and modeling the organization.

Therefore, every aspect of Business management needs the skill of business analysis. Hence, a skill in business analysis is a bonus to jobs such as; project management, product management, software development and quality assurance.

Data science

This skill requires the use of scientific methods to gather both structured and unstructured data, organize, analyze and project it for visualization.

The discipline of data science is broad and touches many discipline such as machine learning, big data, data entry, data visualization and programming. Data science is envisioned to be the future of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

A data scientist mines raw data, process it and present it in a way that will be more edifying for an organization’s growth and development. Every business, every firm and big commerce company needs the services of a data scientist.

Digital marketing

The world have evolved to the digital state, meaning that everything is now online. Digital marketing is the use of the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to reach consumers.

Therefore, you can earn in digital marketing  by either marketing other people’s products or marketing your own product. This field or industry is collectively known as eCommerce.

Some ways you can market other people’s products includes; Affiliate Marketing and Dropshipping Business.

However, You can learn How to promote your own business online. Also, How to make money through content marketing. And finally, How to advertise your business with Facebook ads campaign.

Summarily, the field of digital marketing is very vast and includes even services like SEO campaign, Freelancing services etc.

The cornerstone of digital marketing is to connect people to brands, people to business and business to business. Therefore, the opportunity that lies in digital marketing can never be over emphasized. In fact, i can categorically tell you that it is one the most demanding skills to learn around the world – every business needs it whether big or small.

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