Top 10 Profitable Skills A Lady Can Learn In Nigeria

Career they say has no gender, “What a man can do, a woman can do better”. Still, there are most common skills a Lady can learn in Nigeria. In this post, we will list some of those skills.

In our last post of the 11 Entrepreneur Skills To Learn In Nigeria, we discovered that even ladies can go into Automobile repairs( Mechanic). Before now, taxi driving is seen as a job for the male gender, but there are substantial number of women driving commercial tricycle (Keke Napep) especially in Lagos state, Nigeria.

As a matter of fact, there is no limit to what skill a lady can learn or what she will choose to do.

On the other hand, some factors still influence the choice of career path for a woman. Example, some jobs are very stressful and requires the moving around of heavy objects which maybe tedious for the ladies. Again, some jobs may expose the lady folks to sexual abuse and molestation. Finally, the disposition of most women wanting to raise a family and be close to their kids will also affect the type of jobs they will take.

Notwithstanding, women have myriad of job opportunities with the growing technology especially in the field computer science which are the Most Lucrative Skills In Demand Around The World.

Therefore, in this post, we may not exhaust all the learnable skills for the ladies, but we will list few most common skills a Lady can learn in Nigeria.

1. Data Science

Anything that has to do with data is gaining popularity recently, be it data entry or data analysis. This is as a result of numerous data to be processed in different industries. For example, in health sector, they may want to know the number of people living with Diabetes, the demographics, risk factors etc..

All these raw data need to be collected, analyzed, stored and presented. Therefore, a data scientist oversees that data are harnessed and utilized to benefit the population.

That being said, not only the health sector needs to process data, other industries such as banking, agriculture, in fact all fields of life deals with data.

In essence, data science job has no limit as it touches all ramification of life. The discipline of data science is broad and touches many discipline such as machine learning, big data, data entry, data visualization and programming. Data science is envisioned to be the future of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

This skill is one of the skills a lady can learn in Nigeria because it can be done from home and is intellectual rather than physical.

2. Digital marketing

This is another interesting entrepreneur skill a lady can learn. Digital marketing is the use of the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to promote a brand.

A digital marketer can work with a company or as an individual. This skill is very powerful as most businesses are better marketed in a digital way due to the massive audience of internet users.

The idea of Digital marketing is to connect people to brands, people to business and business to business. Therefore, the opportunity that lies in digital marketing can never be over emphasized.

As a lady, digital marketing will expose you to many things and the world at large. This is because you learn from the international community as you are meeting different audiences with different demographics.

3. Cosmetics and Home Consumable Production

Home consumables are things that each home will need for day to day activities. As a result, every home is a potential market for you.

Things like organic soap, cream, scrub, toothpaste, custard etc. are always on demand. Therefore, learning to produce any of those products is a step to creating a brand that even your children will benefit from.

A way of stepping up things is to simply register the product and sell it in malls and super marts.

This job is good for ladies because the workload is not that hectic. The main work lies in the marketing of the products. However, the products will market itself if it creates an impact in the market.

4. Salon and Hair dressing

This is another skill to learn in Nigeria that is lucrative but depending on the location. I have seen folks that trained themselves in the university with this skill. Notwithstanding, if you have just a few loyal customers, your business is already booming. This is because an average guy or gal cut or change hair every 2 weeks.

In addition, you can integrate manicure/pedicure, fashion parlor and selling of beauty products to this business. A perfect definition of one-shop-serves-all kind of business for all beauty and fashion accessories.

The secret of this business is just to get a good location especially student area, package it very well and build loyal customers. At least, most small scale salons make average of 5k daily i.e. around 120 to 150k monthly.

Traditionally, it was assumed that only guys can cut hair, but i have seen female barbers that are actually good. A unisex salon is always a good deal.

5. Baking and Decoration

Baking and decoration is one of the top 10 skills a lady can learn because events are everyday stuff. For some reasons, Baking and decoration goes like butter and bread. This is because any occasion that needs a cake must need decoration of the event center.

Most people also take the business to a new level by making it an event planning stuff. They will take care of the hall decoration, the cakes, the foods, the make ups and the drinks.

Gone are the days when ladies learn just to bake cake and chin chin and that ends it. Recently, they are packaged as a big restaurant where you can go and have a chilled coke or parfait with little fries.

In addition, most baking houses deliver birthday and anniversary cakes to houses and offices. While others package these baked foods and sell in Malls.

The choice of how you will run this business depends on you but you have to acquire the baking skill first.

6. Bead making

One of the most outstanding artefact very popular in Africa is bead. This is because it portrays a traditional heritage to some people.

To others, it is just for the fashion. Most of the native wears are best combined with a befitting bead.

Aside that, beads can be made in form of bangles, waist beads and anklets – which is very popular now. In fact, as i write now, am wearing like 3 beads.

Take a moment and ask yourself where all these beads are coming from -it is simply someone’s business. You can learn to do that too, market where to sell it is not a problem. Africans simply love beads!!!

Beads are still part of export products from Africa.

Finally, this business is very cheap to start as it does not require much capital.

7. Fashion Designing/Tailoring

In as much as most Nigerians are not rich, but we all believe in the popular slogan, “Never to be caught unfresh”. Meaning that Nigerians are very fashionable people. The trend in fashion is growing rapidly recently.

No matter the economy or inflation, people still value these traditional clothes. An average tailor collects #10,000 to sew a piece of cloth, talk more of the 5 star fashion designers that can charge #100k+.

As a result, the money that circulates in this industry will never stop as long as people still go for “asoebi”, traditional marriages and other numerous social gatherings.

8. Photography

Before now, the Photography profession was attributed to the male gender. But from experience and encounter with the lady folks in the field of photography, I must say ladies are amazing with cameras.

This maybe because they pay every detail to anything that has to do with beauty and its creativity. A makeup that looks okay to a male photographer may be faulty to a lady photographer.

The field of photography is very massive and so lucrative. Digital picture costs #500 per shot. There is no cost for snapping the picture – all is just profit. Calculate how many pictures to snap in just a pre- wedding pic, birthday pic or bridal shower.

Again, you can spread your services to video coverage of events and occasions.

9. Programming skills

Programming simply means solving man’s problem using computer algorithms. This skill is needed virtually in all fields of life and in all disciplines.

Digital informatics for example is a course that is one of the top medical degree in demand because, it has to do with solving medical problems using computer programs. Many other disciplines also have a computer program related to their profession which is to be written by a programmer.

In fact, the amazing thing about programming is that you can think of an idea or a way to solve a problem and put it in a computer language or coding.

That is to say that you can apply programming to whatever discipline or idea you once conceived. Another striking advantage of programming is that you are the boss of your own. This means you can write a code whenever you want and anywhere. It is one the major Ways To Make Money From Home.

10. Blogging

Whenever i write about ways to make money easily, i always add blogging. It is simply because i am a testimony to what blogging can do.

It is one of the skills a lady can learn because it does not involve much stress but the turnover is massive. There is no way a committed blogger cannot be a six digit earner. Example of such lady blogger in Nigeria is Linda Ikeji.

In addition, blogging is not capital incentive – It requires less than $50 to start. Therefore, it is categorized as one the Business You Can Start With No Or Little capital.

Read more on: 7 Things You Should Know About Blogging

If you wish to learn how to blog, you can reach us and i promise to give you the basic tools you will need to get started.

In conclusion,

There are other skills a Lady can learn in Nigeria, but the skills above makes my top 10 list because they are common and lucrative as well.

The idea behind the post is to open your eye to how profitable learning a skill as a lady can be than watching TV at home.

You can check out any skill of your choice on Instagram first and see how creative people can be. So, i urge you to step out and go grab that skill of your dream.

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