How A Good Content Marketing Strategy Helps Your Business

You may be hearing about digital marketing and content marketing without actually knowing what it means. Content marketing is simply one of the so many facets of digital marketing and requires a strategy to execute. This strategy is a plan that you set to make sure your business builds and retain the customers it deserves.

However, content marketing does not focus on your brand or services, but a great tool in building customers interest on your brand. So, content marketing can be said to be the creation and sharing of relevant and interesting online materials (written, video or graphics) to attract and stimulate the interest of someone on a product or services.

In other words, content marketing is different from a direct sales or marketing of a product, but, is focused on telling the potential or actual customer need for the product. Example, A marketer who specializes on selling “Slimming tea” may choose to produce materials that educates the audience on how diet affects weight loss.

Therefore, when you are thinking of Effective ways to promote your business online; You should not forget content marketing as one of the strategies. This is because there are many benefits that accompany content marketing.

In this post is guide to a strategic implementation of content marketing. This goes a long way to answer some questions on how to start? Importance of content marketing and different ways to market a product online.

Importance of content marketing

You may be wondering why content marketing is important for your business since you can do other forms of marketing that can lead to direct purchase of goods. Notwithstanding, there are ranges of benefits from using a good content marketing strategy. I will just mention just few of the importance of content marketing ;

Good content marketing strategy helps create awareness

Content marketing is very necessary in digital marketing because it acts as the landing page for all other types of digital marketing. Meaning that, all other sources of advertising your products such as social media, email marketing etc., all directs a customer to a content that will entice them to make a purchase.

In addition, content marketing is a way to be free to describe your product in a way customers will understand and get the words out.

It helps build reputation to a product

The idea behind content marketing is to educate and offer valuable information to an audience. Therefore, it is easier to get customers who will trust your product because of the information you supply them in relation to it. In addition, people appreciate it more when you are there to offer professional idea and answer their numerous questions with regards to the brand.

In fact, the better the content, the more customers trust it.

Content marketing attracts new customers

Through proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content marketing can always direct the customer leads to your products. This simply means your product or services appearing in the search engine when people query that particular keyword. E.g., when people search “best swimming trunks” and you have a valuable content about swimming trunks, the search engine will bring it up and the customers can reach your page through it.

Therefore, it is not enough to just prepare a content, but, also important to make sure your content is optimized to be visible when customers search your keyword.

Content marketing helps to retain old customers

Gone are the days when you just sell and leave the customer with the product. In modern digital marketing skills, engaging your customers is one of the key factors of making sure they are returning customers. Engagement in this concept means answering their questions about the product, helping them solve problems and giving them the best information with regards to effective use.

Consequently, you will create customers that depends on your opinion and your recommendations – they simply turn to returning customers.

It helps you know the type of product your customer desires

There are so many Content marketing analytical tools that can help the marketer to know what actually people are looking for. Example, the google analytics tool can give the marketer an insight of the volume of people searching the products, the action they took, what they are actually searching, the country, the time of day etc.. This a way a business can actually get to decipher what customers are looking for and can adjust to meet their demands.

Furthermore, through reviews from customers, a business can actually know things to change and things to improve on.

5 step Strategy for content marketing

Content marketing is not what you achieve in a day, it requires patience and dedication. But the end point is what you will be proud of. So, the cornerstone of every content marketing campaign is to ensure that it attracts new customers, engage them and turn them to loyal customers. This is what you can actually achieve with this 5 step content marketing strategy.

Building a content marketing medium

There are different methods or mediums in which you can create contents for your audience. It includes and not limited to audio messages, infographics, videos and content writing. As a result, one can choose one or more methods, so far it is good enough to speak the marketers intent.

Notwithstanding, the choice of your method of distributing this information is to be dependent on the class of audience you are targeting and the type of product you wish to promote. This is to say that, some products will be appreciated more when they are shown as video than in writing and vice versa.

Also, it is important that the domain name of the medium reflects and is specific to what you do. This helps Search engines to easily find you website, YouTube or even Pinterest whenever someone searches for the product or services. Customers also get the idea of what you do by mere seeing of the channel name.

Content Building

You will not expect people to get improper or poor information about the product your are marketing and you still expect them to go ahead and purchase. Simply put, Great content is the hallmark of a good content marketing strategy.

Therefore, do not always be in a haste to put up a content. So, make sure you gather enough fact, principles, findings and solutions in case if there is a setback to what you intend to market. In other words, you contents should be loaded with information that no one can hardly ignore.

Also, search engines brings up search results based on the relevance of the content. That means that poor content can even get you eliminated from the competition.

Finally, wonderful contents satisfy your audience and makes them keep coming back for more.

Authority Building

Everyone needs to be king or queen in a niche. You may want to be that business or brand that people run to when your niche is mentioned. Therefore, Authority is important if you are going to stay ahead of the game and eliminate competitors.

However, there are two ways one can build authority in content marketing.

  • By Having a domain authority (Backlinking)

The saying that, “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others” is applicable when rating domain authorities. This simply means that in every niche, there are domains that their content will first be considered before another even when they have same content.

Reason being that they are already serving as an authority. However, the easiest way to get a Domain Authority is by getting backlinks from those domains with great reputation.

  • Having a Content authority (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) simply means ways you can construct your contents to outshine other competitors. Trust me, the term “SEO campaign” is a wide field of study and involves so many techniques. Meanwhile, the striking feature of an SEO campaign is Keyword research,

Keyword research and optimization means getting those keywords that people constantly search on search engine and place them in strategic places of your contents. Effective use of keywords makes your contents and products rank on search engine when someone is looking for them.

Customer Engagement

Creating outstanding contents is not enough to produce loyal customers that keeps coming back. There is the need to foster relationship with your customer through your contents – this is what engagement does. Also, engagement encourages customers to be active participants in the evolution of the brand or brand experience.

In other words, customer engagement makes them active and not passive in the decision making process of brand re-branding or improvement. Meaning, they can complain, make suggestions and proffer solutions if there is need about your products.

Finally, since the customers are appreciated, they feel the sense of belonging and value the brand as his/hers.

The method of customer engagement or interaction differs across different businesses. But the common ways includes;

  • Through review of products
  • By taking surveys
  • Answering and encouraging them to ask questions
  • Keeping them informed through email marketing. etc.


This part of content marketing is as important as every other part in promoting your business. Not all your contents maybe privileged to rank in the search engine. But SEO or search engine is just one way out of so many ways of making your contents visible. Literally saying, a content not seen does not exist.

Consequently, after creating good contents, you need to let people know about it through sharing. Methods of sharing includes; email marketing, social media, sharing with friends etc..

Finally, no business should neglect the power of social media advertisement such as Facebook Ads Campaign.

In summary

Content marketing strategy is a step by step plan of creating relevant and outstanding materials that will educate and enlighten an audience on a particular brand. Since, it is a step by step plan, you do not expect it to just happen over night. This means that an effective content marketing strategy requires patience and consistency. The steps includes;

  1. Building a content marketing medium
  2. Content building
  3. Authority Building
  4. Customer Engagement
  5. Sharing
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