How To List Your Business On Google Map

The scope of digital marketing are so broad that we keep on hearing different tools everyday. Maybe, you heard about “google my business”  also known as “Google business Listing” and you are wondering what it is and how it can help your business.

Well, when thinking of ways to promote your business online; google my business as a tool should not be left out of the list because it serves as a compass through which other tools will depend on.

But, before we go ahead to explain that statement, lets us first understand the meaning of “google my business” and its advantages in online marketing.

What is Google Business Listing?

Google my business is a tool developed by google for the purpose of listing your business on map and help customers to locate your business without stress.

In that regards, when you list your business on google, it will appear on people search result when they type the product or services you are rendering.

For example, You own a pizza hut that is listed on google. Any potential customer that search “Pizza near me”  have at least 80% chances of locating your business online. Look at the search result in the image below for clarification.

google my business

Not only that, it goes further to show the map to your business, the website, contact details, when it is open for business and when it is closed. In other words, Google business listing is like owning a virtual shop on the internet.

Earlier on, I mentioned that Google business listing is like a compass to all other tools for online business tools because, it contains a wholistic description of what the business is. These includes; a product catalog, price list, map to your business, contact details and links that are all built around your business.

However, you will be wondering why you should list your business on google map when you already have a physical office and customers. The advantages of listing your business to be found by search engine when people search that particular product or services are numerous and can never be overemphasized.

Advantages of Google business listing

Below are few examples of the numerous advantages of google business listing;

Targeted audience

The google  my business feature works by the principle of “local listing”. This simply means that people around your location gets to see your products and services. That is to say that, for someone to see your business on the map; 1) he or she must be around your location 2) he/she must be interested in your product by searching for it on the internet.

Therefore, google business listing brings potential customers that are ready to patronize you. There is no need showing your business in Europe while the customer is USA – that is the magic of local business listing.

Free to set up

Most people shy away from registering their business on the map because of fear of maintenance cost or registration fee. However, google does not charge a dime to register or establish your business on their search engine or map.

Online presence

With the continuous growth of internet users all over the world, having a business space online is a wonderful choice to make. This is because people easily search the web for virtually everything including directions, locations, items, services etc.. Your business could be the one to show up the list.

Builds integrity to your business

Customers tend to believe your products or services more when they see it has both the physical and online presence. In addition, a customer can choose to patronize you because of the online reviews about your business.

Expands business opportunities

Another advantage of having an online presence using google listing is that it drives traffic to your website as well as your physical location. Therefore, your business is no longer just on your physical office but has the opportunity to be seen by anyone with smart phone and internet connection.

It helps in business analysis

This tool can help you measure the number of customers you generate online and the action they took. These actions includes; calls to your business, bookings, website clicks, Direction requests etc. Therefore, the google business listing helps you identify what works for your business promotion and what needed to be improved.

Easy to manage

There is no technical- know-how or prior experience on how to list a business or manage it. Google is solely responsible with the running and maintenance of your details. Therefore, all you need is just to add it and go and sleep. However, google requests for rating from customers which helps you to rank higher in the search engine.

These and so many other reasons are the advantages of google local business listing.

How to set up Google business listing

Most people get confused or are misguided on how to create a google my business profile. In the course of this endeavor, below are the most frequently asked questions about google business listing.

  • How much does it cost to add a business on map?
  • How can i list a business on the map?
  • What are the requirements to list a business on map?
  • Does listing of business require any computer skill?

Below is a step by step guide on how you can put up your business on google without any computer skill.

1. Create a business profile

To create a business profile, you will need to visit Google my business official website.

At the interface, you are asked to type your business name. This is option exists for businesses that already exist on google but needs editing. If that is the case, you have the option to either claim the business or suggest an edit. The editing includes;

  • Changing a place’s name or other details such as address, name, opening or closing hours etc.
  • Editing business attributes like delivery options, wheelchair accessibility, outdoor seating and more.
  • Mark a place as closed, moved or has a duplicate location.

If however, you want to create a new profile on Google My Business for your business, click the “Add your business to google” option. Then, click Next.

  1.  Type in the name of your business in the dialogue box.
  2. Choose your business category from the options that will appear. A good category describe the type of business you run and connect you to customers who search for the products or services you offer. It is also important to choose a specific category instead of general category as it will help you rank in google searches. Example, its better to choose “Men wears” than “wears” as a category.
  3. Enter your business address or addresses if its a chain business.  You will be asked to position a marker on the location of your business or chain’s branch on a map. However, If your business doesn’t have a physical location but operates within a service area, you can list the area instead. Then, click Next.
  4. Add your contact details that customers can reach you with such as phone number or website URL, then click Finish.

2. Review your business information

This stage allows you to review the information you added and confirm if there is a mistake or an omission of information. So, be sure to confirm that your business information is correct. When you verify your business information, it means all your information is ready for customers to find across Google.

If after crosschecking the information and you think it is what you want your customers to see on the map, you can go ahead and start the verification process.

Note: Your business will not show yet on the map if it has not been verified. In addition, Verification protects you from anyone who might try to pose as a representative of your business. Therefore, verification gives you authority and ownership to a business on google and can only permit you to edit your business information on Google products after verification.

3. Begin Google business listing verification

There are so many options available for the google business listing verification process which includes; Email verification, verification through phone, text, or through the Google Search Console.

Notwithstanding, most businesses are verified by mail with a verification postcard from Google.

After reviewing and authenticating your business profile, the next step is to click Mail. Do not click Verify later.

Then, enter the name of the person the verification postcard should be mailed to, or you can leave it blank. Google will send it to the address you provided for your business and Click Send postcard.

4. Wait for your postcard

Google business listing postcards usually takes 2 weeks (i.e 14 days) to arrive. The postcard contains a unique verification code in which the business owner will use to confirm ownership. As mentioned earlier, you can get this mostly as an email or sometimes as a text message. Therefore, you should lookout for this code while waiting.

While waiting, you can choose to add more photographs of your products to your catalogue or still reviewing the information as a visitor.

5. Complete verification

There are 2 methods to which you can use to verify your business on the map.

After you get your verification postcard:

  1. Sign in to, Under “Verification needed,” click Verify now. Then, follow the instructions to enter the verification code from your postcard.
  2. Enter the name and address of the business on google search, then choose your business from the search results. Then, Under the Business Profile, click Claim this business and add the verification code from the postcard. Then click Submit

Note: It may take a couple of  weeks before your business information will display across Google. Once your info is live, you can check out your Business Profile.

Finally, adding your business on the google is not just enough, it is important that you check your customers reviews from time to time, update your information and show more of your products and services.

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