How To Create A Professional LinkedIn Profile

linkedin profile plays an important role when you are thinking of a way to have a professional online presence where managers and recruiters can search and see how fit you are for their industry. Linkedin is the world’s largest professional network with over 690 million users in 200 different countries. Meaning that your employer and you dream job maybe on linkedin while you are busy looking for them.

This platform is not every other place you meet friends, Chat and share events. Linkedin is a social media that is strictly for business and career building. In other words, so many companies, industries, employers and employees all come together as a network to enhance global productivity through linkedin.

Hence, having a professional linkedin profile is a leverage to stay abreast with opportunities that comes with having an online presence in this big platform.

In addition, Linkedin offers special training, job matching and business events that you will find very useful in your career path. Also, being part of a network industry on linkedin will give you insight on what other people pursuing similar career with you are doing in every part of the world.

Therefore, Having a professional linkedin profile is one of the ways you can get yourself marketed for better career opportunities.

How To Create A Professional Linkedin Profile

Creating a Linkedin profile is not that difficult, the hard nut is to make it look professional enough. Consequently, more work is needed to get yourself marketed to potential recruiters through your profile. Below are some tips on how you can get your Linkedin profile good enough and attract job opportunities.

But, i will start by showing you how to create a linkedin account for those who have no linkedin account yet.

Steps to Create a Linkedin account

  1. Visit the official Linkedin website.
  2. Fill your email or phone and a strong password you can remember.
  3. Click on Agree and join.
  4. Fill in your name,Location, most recent job.
  5. Import your contacts, to see and connect with your friends who are already on linkedin.

Then, the next thing is to try and edit your linkedin profile to a professional standard. Below are what you need to do;

Give your Linkedin Profile a professional look

Your profile is the first impression any recruiter sees before wanting to know what you actually do. Therefore, strong emphasis is laid on how well you present your self. It is important to know that Linkedin profile is like an electronic Resume and should contain that which describes you and your personality.

a. Upload a Photo

Profile photo for other social media platforms is different from what you see in linkedin. Your profile photo should be professional, meaning, it ought to have a direct linkage to the area of your industry. This does not mean you must be dressed in suits or knot ties, but at least your picture should describe some level of competence.

In that case, a professional photographer should let his profile picture define him; he may choose to have background with cameras. This also applies to every profession – just let your profile picture tell who you are.

b. Customize your URL

Linkedin URL is unique for each user and acts as an address through which people can find your profile on linkedin. But by default, Linked URL carries your first and last name with some kind of alien numbers.

You can customize your linkedin URL to show what you do. Example of a customized linkedin URL is

From the above example, when such name appear on search engine, the employer will immediately know that Richard Authur is a logistic officer and this will help to distinguish him from other Richard Authur that may appear from the search.

Create a catchy Headline

Your headline lies immediately below your profile picture and your name. It is a brief description that defines your profile.

Normally by default, your headline carries your current job title and company – That shouldn’t be so. You can have a very attractive headline that can easily say who you are and what makes you stand out from the crowd. Customize it to look catchy and specific to the industry you are targeting.

Write a good Linkedin profile Summary

The next part of your Linkedin profile that can make it look professional is the “Linkedin Summary” section. it is a space that can contain 2000 characters just below your headline. This space is designed for you to give a summary of your professional life including past, present and future goals.

This aspect of your profile is very important because it just serves as a cover letter where you can market yourself and make yourself an attractive employee. Therefore, you must be meticulous with the things you put up in this section.

To write a good linked profile summary, you will have to tell your professional story in a way that will link your past, present and future. And again, you have to tell this story with a great enthusiasm just the way you will do if you are to tell a friend what you do.

A post by Jon Shields on Jobscan highlighted 9 points to put into consideration when writing a professional linkedin profile summary. They are;

  1. Start strong with a catchy opening statement
  2. Use optimized search terms in your summary
  3. Don’t be afraid to inject some personality
  4. Add context to your career story
  5. Brag about your accomplishments
  6. Utilize as much of the character limit as you can
  7. Keep it readable with short paragraphs or bullet points
  8. Don’t go overboard with special characters
  9. Use a “call to action” at the end

Make your profile similar to an online Resume

The next section after the summary is closely related to your normal resume because it shows all your work experiences with date. But, differs from resume because resume is tailored to a specific job while this section should be broad to accommodate different job positions.

It is divided into 4 sub-sections which includes;

  1. Work experience with dates.
  2. Education, Licenses and certifications.
  3. Skills and endorsements.
  4. Languages.

Therefore, treat this section the way you will do to your resume and make sure you get the best of it.

Grow your network

Do you know that in Linkedin, people can be connected to 30,000 others with unlimited followers?

Like i said before, Linkedin is not like your conventional social networks where you post pictures for people to like. Linkedin is a place you can choose people with like minds or similar industries. Hence, You have the choice to choose from people that can help you grow in your career.

Do not  make the mistake of just adding people you know. You will only get similar profiles with nothing to motivate you to move higher in your career.

Building a good network brings to you good feedback on what people from same niche of business are doing in different places, their Achievements, new certifications and opportunities.

Brigette Hyacinth pointed out that the 2 huge mistakes she made on linkedin;

  • Mistake 1: Connecting with only the people that she knew.
  • Mistake 2: By not sharing her experience through comments and posts.

She said that, Immediately she started doing those two things, her profile suddenly became popular on linkedin.

Be Active on linkedin

Kirsty Bonner, a career consultant and a Linkedin profile writer noted that one of the three things people don’t know about linkedin is that, “You can have the best Linkedin profile on earth, but if you don’t post nor engage in other people’s post, linkedin algorithm will hardly make you visible to people.”

The secret behind the stories of high profiles you see on linkedin is proportional to their activeness on the platform.

Furthermore, Potential recruiters get to see what you can offer from the posts you make or your contributions to topics in your industry.

Again, Linkedin offers you opportunities to share your new job openings, new certifications, new educational and work achievements. It is pertinent that you use that opportunity to your advantage to showcase your skills or competence.

Finally, each industry in LInkedin have training and courses that can keep you busy and help you grow in your career. Therefore, join linkedin groups and grow your career with others.

Optimize your linkedin profile to Search Engines

Linkedin profile optimization simply means ways you can make your profile to be seen easily on search engines such as google, yahoo, yandex and bing when employers search for that particular job position.

There are 4 common ways you can actually optimize your linkedin profile to have greater chances of being seen by search engines.

  • By researching and using linkedin keywords

Linkedin research keywords are terms most employers or recruiters put in search engines when looking for potential employers. You can take advantage of these words by using them inside your profile summary or headline.

Example; Instead of writing “Logistic management” as a skill, You can find a way to write “Logistic Manager” since employers can use the later in search engine more than the former.

How can you know what employer’s are searching? – This is something you have to find out yourself by brainstorming a list of keywords related to your industry, then, use a Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool to see the volume of people searching the keyword. Example of such tool is KWfinder.

  • Using customized URL

I explained earlier how you can customize your URL to actually carry your qualification. This makes it easier for your profile to appear on search engine when a recruiter searches for that particular position.

  • Being Active on the platform

The advantages of being active on Linkedin can never be over emphasized. Joining groups, making posts and commenting on posts makes search engine to index your linkedin profile more and gives it the opportunity to appear easily on search engines.

  • Buying a Premium plan

This is a paid version of linkedin account by subscribing monthly to the industry to make you stand out. The linked premium plans help to give its users leads and optimize user accounts for better search engine visibility.

Try to get recommendations

Recommendations on linkedin is an opportunity for someone who maybe a higher authority to attest that you actually worked with them or have the skill you said you have.

In other words, recommendations makes your linkedin profile credible and authentic. Profiles with recommendations are easily considered when compared with ones that doesn’t.

How to request for linkedin recommendation

  1. Click on the “Ask for recommendation” located below skills and experience.
  2. Type in the name of the person you are requesting a recommendation from.
  3. State how you know the person.
  4. You can include a message for the person as a reminder of who you are or what have you.
  5. Then, Click on submit.

Who is a linkedin profile writer?

A linkedin profile writer is someone who specializes in helping you write an optimized and professional linkedin profile that will improve your chances of getting a job online.

Most of these Linked profile writers also specialize on Resume/CV building writing. Therefore,they can help you write your resume and at the same time optimize your linkedin profile.

Therefore, if you find it difficult writing your own professional or career history or you are too busy to do so. Hire a professional linkedin profile writer to do the job.

Klaxos and Topresume are examples of websites where you can hire someone or try out Fiverr.

Also, if you are thinking of a part-time job to earn you money online, you can also try linkedin profile writing to earn $10 – $125 dollar per profile depending on your skills and ratings.


Everybody deserves the opportunity to showcase what they do to people who actually need their services. Linkedin is that platform where professionals meet, you owe your self a good and professional linkedin profile that can attract not only recruiters but also businesses.


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