Felix Scholarship For Post Graduate Studies In UK

The Felix scholarship which started in the 1991/1992 academic year was designed for bright students who are ready to go to school but are underprivileged. However, the scholarship focuses on Indian and other low income citizens such as in Africa, Asia, Middle east and Europe to further their post graduate studies in the UK.

Notwithstanding,this scholarship is not only offered at University of Oxford, but also the University of Reading and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), part of the University of London.

Meanwhile, you have to meet two criteria to qualify for the felix scholarship which are;

  1. You must have an outstanding academic merit.
  2. Have to be in financial need.

The major objective for this scholarship is to expose the underprivileged students to outstanding academic study, culture,experiences and friendships that will make them useful to their home country when they go back.

Since 2001, Felix scholarships have been awarded to gifted underprivileged students from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Belarus, Peru, Czech Republic, Kenya, Ghana, Turkey, South Africa, Egypt, Nepal, Hungary and Lebanon.

In the meantime, so many other countries are now part of the Felix scholarship from allover the world.


  • Academically gifted and underprivileged nationals of India, who must hold at least a first class Bachelor’s degree from a recognized Indian university or a comparable institution; or
  • Academically gifted and underprivileged individuals who are not nationals of India or an EEA country, who must hold at least a first class Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or a comparable institution.


The requirement for the application process solely depends on the University of choice. In that case, a candidate is expected to choose from any of the three Universities. Follow the official school websites to get the complete requirement and application deadline.

University of Oxford

oxford university

English proficiency test

The courses in the University of Oxford are taught in English and requires skills in Written, spoken and reading proficiency to be able to meet up with the course curriculum. However, different courses require different English test scores for eligibility. visit the course page to see the minimum requirement for your choice of course.

Nevertheless, the University recognizes three English test formats, which are: (IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge English). If however you have not written any of the exam before the application date, you can apply without it and later provide it when you are offered admission.

Alternatively, you can enroll for a five weeks Online Pre-Sessional English Course .

On the contrary, one of the following criteria will serve as a waiver for English proficiency test. You must have studied a degree-level course that is:

  • at least nine months in duration.
  • full-time
  • undertaken at a recognized institution where teaching and assessment throughout the course is entirely in English
  • has been completed within 2 years of the start date of the course to which you are applying.

Undergraduate qualification

Every applying candidate must have completed an undergraduate degree from a recognized university in home country. But, the grade requirement is dependent on the choice of course and the grading system of the country. So, do well to visit the Oxford University Official site for the full details.

In addition, every applicant is to know that admission into Oxford is very competitive and preference is given to applicants with better grades from undergraduate study.

Provision of referees

Each applicant is to provide referees who are to be contacted to provide information on the applicant’s academic achievements (or relevant professional achievements, if professional).

The referee is to make sure he/she uploads the reference letter before the deadline. Notwithstanding, the school will always send notifications to remind them to comply.

Visa requirement

Applicants from the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland does not need a visa to study in UK. But, students coming from outside the EEA countries will need a Tier 4 (General) Student visa.

Read also: How to apply for UK visa

Visit the University of Oxford official site for further information on the application process.

University of Reading, England

felix scholarship

The felix scholarship to study in University of Reading is available for 6 Indians to pursue masters as well as PhD while one award is for a citizen of low income country especially Africa for Master’s degree.

Candidates are also to get some documents ready such as a Transcript from school, a proof of English proficiency, University degree, valid visa and other documents that may be listed in the University of Reading official site.

Therefore, each applicant should get the documents ready to join the next batch this September. Deadline for application is next year January.

School of Oriental And African Studies, London

felix scholarship

SOAS offers admission for bright  students from all walks of life to pursue a master’s degree  or PhD in the university. In addition, SOAS permits student to combine international language study alongside the course of study.

Each applicant is to submit the complete online application for the Master’s degree at SOAS before the scholarship deadline which is January of the year you wish to study.

The online application into the SOAS will require the following documents;

  • Transcripts from your school
  • Two references
  • Curriculum vitae
  • English proficiency tests for some countries
  • A personal statement or motivational statement

Visit the Official SOAS website for the full information about master’s degree application.

Value of felix scholarship

Felix scholarship covers all expenses which includes; 100% course fees, a living cost of £15,100, allowances for clothes, books and a return flight home. The scholarship can last for up to 3 years depending on the eligibility.

Application information

All the information with regards to the application procedures and the eligible countries are at the official school websites.

However, each candidate is expected to start the application early to meet up with the application deadline which is January next year.

Also note that you will apply at one school out of the three per session. Then, you can go ahead and apply for the felix scholarship Here.

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