7 Strategies To Help You Satisfy And Build Loyal Customers

Customer relationship centers on customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer becomes a happy customer and a happy customer is a loyal customer. So, the easiest and most effective way of growing a business is by developing a strong customer relation strategy.

A customer relation is a tool used by a business to foster a long-lasting relationship with a customer. Though, every business goal is to make profit, but, any business that focus all its energy on making money from its customers without giving back the support hardly survives.

In other words, customers are humans that have emotions, that needs to be understood, that needs to know more about what you offer, that also needs support and communication.

Building a good customer relationship simply means understanding your customers, and your customers understanding that you have their interest at heart.

Customer relationship management takes into account proactive measures that will enhance the satisfaction of a customer and also contribute to the growth of the business. As a matter of fact, both the customer and the business wins at the end.

Why Your Business Need A Good Customer Relationship

I will make it simple, every business needs customers and in fact more customers to make more money. The way you treat your present customers will motivate them to come back again. The same customers are those that will tell friends that will tell friends about your business.

Therefore, your action to one particular customer does not just end there. It goes a long way to affect the potential customers you will have in the future. If you treat a customer with empathy and respect and make them understand they are co-owners of your business, they will definitely defend your business with same enthusiasm. The reverse is the case if all you care about is to collect money from them.

So, there are strategies to incorporate in your business to build a better relationship with them. How a business treats her customer is what makes it unique from others.

How To Build A Strong Customer Relationship

It is easier to think of building a wonderful customer relationship but the implementation is not that easy. Again, building of this relationship with customers is not a day, a week, or a month effort. It is a gradual process that takes time to develop.

Therefore, you have to be patient and make sure that any customer that comes across you gets the most wonderful experience.

Below are some few strategies that can help you retain your customers;

1. Build trust

The real deal about building a strong customer relationship revolves around trust. That is to say, the customer must trust your integrity as a person, as well as the integrity of your products.

First, a good product is the first step to creating trust with your customers. In other words, get a product or service that is worthy of taking care of your customers need at all times. If your brand beats the competing brands and alternatives, your customers have no choice but to trust.

Then, you have to try to maintain the integrity and uniqueness of your product. Simply put, never compromise the quality of your product or services. It is better to increase the price of a product than reducing the quality.

Secondly, you have to maintain your personal integrity or business integrity to gain your customers trust. The company have to be transparent and respond to customers query at all times. If you say you will deliver in a week time, do it in three days and see the impact on the customer’s review. In other words, never promise what you cannot fulfill.

2. Build a personal relationship

The idea behind every strong customer relation is going beyond the formal exchange of goods and services with your customers. It includes having a close relationship with your customers. Personal relationship makes customers feel they are doing business with a human and not a company. Also, when they feel they are getting a personal service, they tend to become a better customer.

A personal service is knowing that each customer’s taste is unique and trying to understand what a particular customer needs. For example, Never assume all ladies like Vanilla flavor, take note of your customers that always ask for strawberry flavor.

With technology, there are so many tools that can help you know the habit and likes of a customer as an individual such as Hubspot.

Another effective way of building a personal relationship with your customers is knowing and addressing them by their names. According to Dale Carnegie, “A person’s name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound in any language”.

Therefore, to catch a customer’s attention, just call his/her name. This gives them the feeling that whatever you are saying is personalized. In addition, addressing customers by name gives them the feeling of care and empathy.

3. Listen to your customers

Great communication is the key to any relationship. For communication to be complete, the two parties must be free to express themselves.

Therefore, do not always be the talker, make out time to listen to your customers and know what they think about your products. This will give room for you to know what to improve and what to stick to.

A good company should have proactive measures to ensure that customers are satisfied through feedbacks and reviews. In addition, the company should always be ready to listen to customer’s complaints and act on it as soon as possible through the customer care.

To sum it all, to build a good customer relationship, you must make your customers part of the decision making. Make them to understand that you value their contribution and that you appreciate the fact that they are part of the company.

4. Stay unique

There is always an alternative or a substitute to whatever product or service you render. Then, the question is, “what is my business trait that attracts my customers?”

If you were able to dig deep and find the strength that makes your business unique, you build on that.

It maybe your swift and timely delivery or simply the way you package your products.

That extra factor is what propels customers to want to buy from you or have your services. To capitalize on that your business unique ability is a sure way to build a strong relationship with your customers.

5. Be Consistent

Every customer wants to get a product when he wants, also he/she will want to have access to the information regarding the products and services your business offers. Therefore, any form of inconsistency is usually perceived as laxity from the customers perspective.

Consistency may sound simple but it requires enough effort to enforce. This is because consistency is behavioral and is learnt and developed over a long period of time. To be consistent means, your business will always serve the customer at all times, same way and same product. Not having a salty pasta today and a watery one tomorrow or opening by 8am today and opening by 12pm the next day.

For business consistency to be effective, it must be geared towards three parameters;

  1. Communication: Let your business always be available to give information and answer questions regarding your product and services.
  2. Product: Try as much as possible to create products that are always the same. If a business fails to be consistent in whatever they offer, it breeds doubts and dissatisfaction in the minds of the customers.
  3. Staff: Do not always be in a hurry to change staffs since most of them have already built a business relationship with customers. However, if you are always changing your staffs, make sure that they have similar identity such as Uniform or similar way of attending to customers.

6. Meet customers needs

Every relationship be it customer or otherwise have a lot to do with satisfaction. Again, there is no way you can satisfy the second party if you do not understand their needs.

Satisfying a customers need has to do with the quality of the product or services you render. Always bear in mind that your product always have either an alternative or a substitute. Therefore, always try to know what you have to improve in your product or the way it is administered. This you can get through reviews, feedbacks and surveys from customers.

In addition, customer relationship is a whole package and is not just limited to just the bond between a customer and product but goes a long way to the emotional, psychological and social impact your business can offer.

Therefore, when offering your services, make sure you place each individual as a separate entity and find out their specific need. With this you can connect more and get the best from the Customer relationship.

7. Take time to appreciate customers

There is a saying that, “If you appreciate someone for what they have done, they will be propelled to do more”. This is not different from your customers. A little text message, email or a verbal “Thank You” to a customer makes them have that feeling that you actually value their presence in your business.

Not only that, you can choose to organize end of the year gifts, Christmas packages or even a festive discount to appreciate your loyal customers.

As a matter of fact, the gift or the method with which you send your appreciation does not matter more than the motive of the message, which is to show them that you are seeing what they are doing in your business.

In Summary,

A happy customer is a loyal customer and a loyal customer becomes a customer that always comes back. Also, a customer that will recommend your products/services to family and friends. Therefore, it is your duty to make sure you serve them well by building a good customer relationship that will be difficult to wane.

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