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In this post, I will be using CV and Resume interchangeably, CV builder, resume builder, CV maker, Resume tool builder e.t.c can all mean the same thing.

It is of no objection that the success of being called for job interviews is not totally dependent on qualifications but also on how you are able to organize and market yourself in your CV/ Resume during job application.

Therefore, this post will help you with CV writing or building tips and some tools that can help you to get an attractive resume for job hunting.

Most times, Freshers who just left school find it difficult to write their own attractive Resume or CV. This maybe due to lack of experience or not necessarily knowing what a good resume should look like. In that case, you will will be needing a resume builder apps or tools online to help you do the work.

In addition, due to diverse perception countries and individuals have on the difference between a resume and a CV and when to use each; many employers or institutions always give a specification of the type of resume builder tool to use to construct your document. For Example, when seeking for admission or job in some European institutions, they will recommend you build your CV with Europass CV maker.

Why need a Resume Builder?

Below are other remarkable reasons why you should try a CV builder for an outstanding CV construction.

  • CV Makers gives your Resume a good Structural arrangement.
  • They help to focus on important contents and never misses out details.
  • Online Resume builder helps you to access your resume anywhere anytime.
  • Resume builders are easy to use and have already been tested and used by other thousands of people.
  • It serves as a guide to freshers who has no prior experience to writing a good resume.
  • With their special additional tools, you will get a resume with professional look and not like any other conventional resume.
  • You will have different samples, templates and formats to choose from.

However, as sweet as it sounds to get your Curriculum built by professionals; it is also important to know that CV builders can never satisfy all your needs.

Some of these tools suck, most of them are built on stereotyped format. As a beginner, all you need is the template. You can then edit it to meet your specific need.

But, you cannot do this if you do not know what a good resume should look like. Here, are some tips on what you should look out for when you are examining how credible your CV is;

  • Do not write too lengthy and boring resume (that is the more reason you will need an app).
  • Bullet your skills and achievements.
  • Some CV builders have CV side bars, make sure they highlight your special skills and achievements.
  • Always attach a cover letter to your resume unless stated otherwise.
  • Always read the objectives and the requirements of the job and find a way to make your Resume suit the position.
  • It should be job/company specific.
  • Proof-read your Resume like 2 times before finally submitting it.
  • Never add personal interests to your resume.
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions especially to someone who is working in office you are aiming or a senior colleague.

Examples of Free Online Resume Builder

This list of online CV maker or resume builder apps is not a comprehensive list nor are the best. However, am using them as a reference to so many other tools online for resume construction.

Therefore, you can do your assignments yourself and find the most suiting to what you are looking for.

Europass CV

The Europass website is strongly built for individuals who wish to study or work in Europe. Their aim is to provide documents that can be easily understood and interpreted in the European countries.

Hence, when trying to migrate to Europe, the Europass CV is the best way to apply for any position. The objectives of Europass is as follows;

  • Ηelp citizens communicate their skills and qualifications effectively when looking for a job or training.
  • Assist employers to understand the skills and qualifications of the workforce.
  • Support education and training authorities define and communicate the content of curricula.


This online Resume builder helps you do a professional work. It is amazing that CV-template can build your Document in four different languages (English. French, Deutch and Nederlands).

There are so many positive reviews on its convenience and ease to use. Also, CV-template CV builder has so many formats and templates of writing CV with additional side bars you can choose from.

Zety CV builder

Zety of one the fast growing websites in Career building. They offer other additional career advice services aside from their resume building.

Therefore, Zety does not only help you build your resumes or CVs but will help walk you through the job hunting process.


This website helps you build a perfect resume or CV in just minutes. Their services is featured for having so many available examples and outstanding templates that are catchy.

They also pride themselves in the area of building a perfect CV that is tailored to your dream by highlighting special skills that makes you suitable for the particular job.


This is also an easy to use resume builder with plenty features that can help you have an appealing resume. They also offer an unlimited download of your resume when built.

Free Resume Builder Apps

Aside from the resume builder websites, there are also resume builder apps that can help you get your work done fast and also nice.

According to careeraddict, here are his choice of the 10 Best Apps to create a captivating Curriculum vitae.

Note: This list is arbitrary and is based on the writers choice. However, the reviews on these apps proofs it does what it is claimed to do.

These ones are specifically for Android users;

For IOS users;

  • PathSource Resume
  • Resumaker
  • Resume Builder
  • Resume Builder by Nobody
  • Resume Star: Pro CV Maker

In summary, there are plenty software, apps, websites and tools that can help you as a beginner to build a resume or CV that will suit your dream Job. The amazing thing is that you can have a captivating CV even as a fresher.

However, It is also important to know when to use a CV or Resume if not stated. You can read our topic on CV Vs Resume here to know the which is which.

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