7 Secrets You Should Know About Blogging Business

I know most people categorize blogging as a hobby, some call it fun, but to few of us, it is strictly a business. Consequently, most of us feed from blogging business and therefore try as much as possible to keep it that way. Every business has a secret, so does blogging. One of these secrets is, how profitable is blogging business?

The answer to that question depends on so many factors which may include your input, your orientation about blogging and desire to learn and improve. But, generally speaking, if you dedicate enough time to blogging and treat it as a business, it is one of the most lucrative businesses you can ever find online.

That is not the end to the so many things you will want to know about blogging business. Therefore, this post will help to give you an idea of what to expect from being a blogger or doing blogging as a personal business. To start a free blog site of your own , you will need to sign up below now.

Also, in this post, we will help to clear the myths and mysteries you must have heard about blogging business. Read through to understand what blogging is and what it takes to be a blogger.

What is Blogging?

We will not start telling you what to expect from blogging business when you do not even know what it means. And we will try as much as possible to tell you what blogging is in a very simple term.

Blogging simply means sharing information or idea through a website. Simply put, when you google a word; the websites or result pages that shows up are websites from bloggers. Therefore, you are not far away from the truth if you say that bloggers are writers or content developers.

On that note, anybody can become a blogger. You may decide to own a blogsite that focuses on news and entertainments, or you may decide to educate people on how to cook intercontinental dishes, how to do laundry, how to do this and how to do that. In fact, you can blog about anything you can think of. For example, Itzbiztime is dedicated to business ideas, Entrepreneurship, Career, eCommerce, Education and Travel.

So, you can go ahead to own your own blog if you wish.

What You Should Know About Blogging

Aside that bloggers are group of writers who publish information and news on the web and search engines. What again do you know about blogging? Below is a list of what to expect if you are to become a blogger.

It is easy and cheap to start

Blogging business is one the easiest and cheapest online business you can start. It can take only few minutes to host a website. In addition, you have an option to start your own blog free of charge with Blogger.

However, that blogging is easy to start does not mean you are going to start a blog without a business plan especially when you want to blog for the money. The most important among the blogging preparations is choosing the niche.

A blog niche is a specific area of related topics that you will be writing about. Example, you may choose to write about Food, Fashion or music. As a beginner, it is advised you narrow your niche as much as possible. Meaning, you will do better focusing on a specific topic than having a wider coverage.

Again, choose a niche that you know something about, you are passionate to write about and you can easily source its materials.

Another factor about starting a blog is choosing a domain name, a host and the design for your blog. This goes a long way to influence the Search Engine Optimization and the the usability of your blog site.

In a nutshell, all these mentioned above cannot take you up to an hour to host and start your blog. To start your own blog, follow our link for guide on how to start up.

Blogging business is profitable

Yes!!! blogging is very profitable. I told you earlier that most of us are not doing it for the fun. If you actually set your blog and be ready to work hard, there is never a way you will not be cashing out at least 4 figures monthly.

This is the secret most of the bloggers will never tell you. In fact, most big blogs brag of making more than a million dollars in a year, e.g., the Smartblogger declared how he has grown three blogs to be making a million dollars each yearly. Note also that there are much bigger blogs – think of what they actually make in a year.

LOL- I know you may be thinking its just a claim, but i believe it because i know what this particular blog you are reading is making in year.

So, if you want to start a blog as a business, all you need is to get the right information, focus, sit down and work hard – the money must surely come.

There are so many ways to make money from just one blog; it can be through Affiliate marketing, advertisements, through Pay Per Click (PPC), eCommerce store etc.

There are two sides to blogging

There are so many sides to blogging, it all depends on what you want to achieve at the end of the day. In essence, some people just host a blog as a hobby, some just to have an online presence. But, when we talk of making money from blogging, there are just two sides which are; White hat blogging and the black hat blogging. I know this is a secret that many bloggers have not told you as a newbie.

Blogging and earning through blogging depends on the amount of traffic or visitors to your website. Therefore, how to generate this traffic is what differentiates the white hat bloggers and the black hat bloggers.

Just as the name implies, the black hat guys do not believe in following the due process, they will always look for a shortcut to trick search engines and make their money. According to Neil, “Black hat strategies involve everything from keyword stuffing and PBNs to content automation and tiered link building”.

On the other hand, the white hat bloggers believes in creating good and authentic contents that generate them traffic, they build with time and play by the rules.

However, each side has its Pros and Cons, the black hat type of blogging is likely to make you earn faster than the white hat. But, when you are thinking of what will last and pay you for a life time, just choose white hat type of blogging and be patient.

It is not a get rich quick business

Another thing you must know about blogging business is that it is not a Ponzi scheme nor a get-rich-quick scheme. Some will tell you to pay them so that they will teach you how to make millions in a month – I really wish things work like that.

We have been telling you how it is easy to start a blog and how profitable it is to own one, but if we fail to tell you that the money will not come as soon as you start, then we have failed you.

Most bloggers confess to working for at least 3 years before seeing the money in blogging. For me, it took me average of two years before my first cash out, you can shorten this period of time if you are consistent and dedicated to the work.

The message we are trying to pass is that, you must be patient to grow the business just like every other business you can think of. However, if you are looking for a way to get rich overnight, maybe you can try lotto.

If not, be calm, work and grow your blog with time.

You must be ready to work

They may still not tell you that you will need to work hard as a blogger- Laziness is a sin to bloggers. If you want to start a blog and you are not ready to work, then you will be wasting your hosting money. It does not really matter if you will want to do white hat or black hat blogging, there must be work to do.

To excel in the blogging business, you must learn to sit and create a unique and wonderful content that will make visitors come back. Aside content creation, backlink building and other Search Engine Optimization techniques should take your time and strength in other to earn from blogging.

5 to 12 hours per week dedicated input into your blog is enough to make you earn within a year. However, if you can take up to 30 to 50 hours a week, then, the sky is your starting point.

It may also interest you to know that constant work on your blog is one of the techniques that help you to rank on search engines. Consequently, more work is synonymous to more traffic which is directly proportional to the amount of money you will be making in blogging business.

Money is important in blogging

I remember when i wanted to start a blog, I met my mentor and asked him the secret behind making money from blogging. He simply said, “If you want to make money from blogging, treat it as your business”.

Yes, it is a business and every business deserves capital investment sort of.

So, what area will your money go to? – This particular question has no straight answer as you will discover when you start your own blog.

However, most bloggers buy plugins, keyword research tools, themes, and even traffics. In fact, anything that you think will make you earn more on your website is worth paying for. Sometimes, you end up spending and not getting anything in return – it is still part of the game.

Therefore, to quicken or maximize your result in blogging, you will need to invest in it, unless you want to grow slow and steady which is also still allowed.

Be ready to learn

The journey of blogging business is all adventurous with loads of things you can learn on your way. Never be too rigid to learn from competitors as well as other bloggers.

Most times, the update you need to earn money from blogging is with a fellow blogger. Therefore, cultivate the habit of friendliness.

In addition to learning how to make money from blogging, being a blogger will expose you to so many things online, because you will become a reader without even knowing.

Therefore, make every opportunity you get to write a particular post count, research well, read, learn and grow. Even if what you learn will not benefit you at the moment, it will surely do on the long run.

In summary,

These are the 7 important secrets most people will not tell you before pushing you to start a blog. Notwithstanding, there are other things you will get to learn as you join the business. But, you must definitely start from somewhere.

Always remember it is a business and must be treated as one in other to make money.

If you want to learn how to start your own blog, you can follow the link below to get started.

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