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11 Entrepreneur Skills To Learn In Nigeria To Make Money

So many people are still asking why they need to learn a skill when they are graduates. Another group do not know the skills to learn to earn them money in Nigeria. While the rest wants to, but don’t know where to look.

These and so many other questions are limiting so many Nigerians to learning a skill that can make the entrepreneurs. However, this post will help answer some of these questions.

Why you need to learn a skill in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country with estimated population of 202 million human beings. According to world bank, 23% of her population are unemployed while 20% of the labor force are underemployed.1 Additionally,most of the government workers are earning a monthly salary of less than a $100 (#36,000).

As a matter of fact, when you ask a young folk what he wants to be in future, they will either say a Doctor, An Engineer or a lawyer – Am not saying they are not good professions. This is as a result of misconception people have about white collar jobs and handy works. In other words, many perceive technical skill acquisition as jobs for the uneducated.

As of February 2018, Nigeria has 152 no of Universities, 100 Colleges of Education and 76 Polytechnics.2 These higher institutions graduate a massive number of students yearly that will come out to join the unemployed pool. In fact, the number of people that goes for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) each year is estimated to be 300,000 annually.3

Consequently, there is a serious competition for the white collar jobs because more people are graduating each year without a complementary creation of job. Secondly, the old folks that are meant to leave the office lie about their age to stay longer. Thirdly, Job in Nigeria is about who you know and what connection you have.

Correspondingly, Nigerian government tried to solve this unemployment problem by creating technical colleges and polytechnics for students to learn skill acquisition. But, it seems those schools have lost sight of their mission and vision, since nobody is actually learning any skill in those places.

As a result, government introduced the skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development program (SAED) in NYSC camps as a way to empower the youths.4 It is however a good program, but, 3 weeks NYSC orientation camp is not enough to learn a skill.

So what do we do?

From all indications, you will discover that it is only you who can help yourself in Nigeria. Nevertheless, if you have someone who can comfortably gain you a job that will pay you well – this post is not for you.

However, if you are done with school or you are still a student, you need to “rule your destiny”- according to Bob Marley. The technical skills in Nigeria are becoming undeserved because youths are clamoring to go to school and look for white collar jobs. But, I must tell you that the barber in your street earns more than the banker in that your same street.

Therefore, to be useful to yourself and the society, you need to learn a skill – if you later get a good job, you still don’t have anything to loose.

Below are some of the skills you can learn in Nigeria that can fetch you money.

Entrepreneur Skills to learn in Nigeria

These skills are skills that you can comfortably learn in Nigeria and make money from it at the moment. However, if you are looking forward to a bigger game ahead and to learn skills that will make you indispensable in any place in the world.

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Automobile repair

automobile skills

The automobile repair technicians popularly known as “mechanics” is one skill to learn in Nigeria that is extremely lucrative and money fetching. This job is what i call “Diamond in a thrash”- meaning that it is a job people neglect because of the nature but with plenty potentials.

This is because the number of cars, tricycles and motorcycles in Nigeria are growing, which includes; privates, commercial transport companies e.t.c. As a result, this particular industry is undeserved and need more hands.

In fact, the beauty is that people are packaging mechanic business in Nigeria as companies. Check the statistics of the people searching for “Automobile repair in Nigeria” in Google and see what am trying to explain.

Many will give the excuse that they are not mechanical engineers and have no prior knowledge of mechanics – but we know its just an excuse. Go to local mechanics, bend down and get yours hands dirty and thank me later. Even ladies are doing automobile repairs now.

Tailoring and Fashion designing


In as much as most Nigerians are not rich, but we all believe in the popular slogan,”Never to be caught unfresh”. Meaning that Nigerians are very fashionable people. The trend in fashion is growing rapidly recently.

No matter the economy or inflation, people still value these traditional clothes. An average tailor collects #5,000 to sew a piece of cloth, talk more of the 5 star fashion designers that can charge #100k+.

As a result, the money that circulates in this industry will never stop as long as people still go for asoebi, traditional marriages and other numerous social gatherings.

Finally, the skill is open for both male and female and there is room for growth and expansion of the business.

Decoration and cake making

decoration and cake

Nigerians also have the culture of celebration. We virtually celebrate everything; wedding, naming ceremony, birthday, burials, anniversaries, end of the year party, coronation e.t.c.

All these events on the average must either require either a cake or a decoration.

Before now,many small businesses offer the business in a small scale as “Rental services”. Recently, people take it to the next level as “Event planning”. They virtually handles everything in the event to the extent of food, drinks and the logistics.

In addition, you can choose to make cakes on request by having a website or an app and deliver to people celebrating.

Farming skills

farming skills

The opportunities in agriculture cannot be overemphasized. Before the “almighty petroleum products” that is Nigerians major source of economy, Agriculture was a savior.  Meanwhile, so many people still hold on to agriculture. According to Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC), it is the second most exported products in Nigeria.

However, there are many areas to harness in this agricultural industry, it includes; Animal husbandry, Cash crop farming, agro-processing and packaging, horticulture, agricultural technology e.t.c.

Recently, most farmers records massive incomes from Fish Farming Business, Poultry and even Snail rearing business.

In addition, others specialize in packaging and exporting of agricultural products such as Cashew nuts and Smoked fish business.

Digital marketing

digital marketing

The world have evolved to the digital state, meaning that everything is now online. Digital marketing is the use of the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to reach consumers.

Therefore, you can earn in digital marketing  by either marketing other people’s products or marketing your own product. This field or industry is collectively known as eCommerce.

Some ways you can market other people’s products includes; Affiliate Marketing and Dropshipping Business.

However, You can learn How to promote your own business online. Also, How to make money through content marketing. And finally, How to advertise your business with Facebook ads campaign.

Summarily, the field of digital marketing is very vast and includes even services like SEO campaign, Freelancing services e.t.c.

Beauty and make up

make up skills

I have heard so many girls talk of having make-up school as a business, i was thinking it was a waste of time till i inquired about the business. To my greatest surprise, people in that line of business are actually making it.

A professional make-up artist cannot collect anything less than 50,000 naira for an event like wedding. I was wondering while someone will be working in office when he or she can make equivalent of his/her salary in a night. The services may just be manicure, pedicure, brow shaving, and make up wearing.

Another amazing fact about professional make up services is that, its something you can easily learn even on Instagram and Youtube.

In addition, male in that field are even valued more than the female as i heard. So, gender is not even a limitation.

Haircut and hair making

hair cut and hair making

This is another skill to learn in Nigeria that is lucrative but depending on the location. I have seen folks that trained themselves in the university with this skill. Notwithstanding, if you have just a few loyal customers, your business is already booming. This is because on average every guy or gal cut or change hair after every 2 weeks.

The secret of this business is just to get a good location especially student area, package it very well and build loyal customers. At least, most small scale salons make average of 5k daily i.e around 120 to 150k monthly.

Actually, this skill can be learnt anywhere, if you want to actually learn.

Making snacks

snacks making

Snacks are food items that people can hardly do without, starting from school children to adults in offices. Therefore, you can choose a snack or group of snacks to package and sell to Malls and Stores. Some of these snacks includes chin chin, peanuts, cashew nuts, pop corns, cakes e.t.c.

Though, it takes a lot of effort to convince people to try your product for the first time. But,once the product finds its way through the market, you are made already.

In that regards, i have a friend who is packaging all these snacks. Currently, he has quit a paying federal government job because of the money he is seeing in the business.

Finally, the secret is to get a product of unique characteristic – a secret recipe that cannot be found anywhere and you are good to go.

Home consumables

There are basic consumables that every home need and consume daily. Theses products are selling like wildfire and will always continue to sell. Some of these products includes; Custard, liquid and solid detergent, body creams, hair cream, hand sanitizer, shampoo e.t.c.

However, there are so many offline and online training to learn how to make these products. Also, you can easily learn how to make these products from Youtube.

The challenge with marketing these products is just the finance to package it, also, How to register with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and NAFDAC.

Finally, if your products are good enough, they can sell on big malls and super stores. It will start with you taking the first step to learn the skills.

Bead making

bead making skills

Beads from Nigeria has made name in Africa and the whole world. In other words, Nigerian beads are exported outside Nigeria in the form of necklaces, bangles, bags, foot wears, waist bands e.t.c

On other hand, bead products are everywhere in Nigeria because of its popularity with native or traditional clothes. In addition, check out most Nigerian guys, they wear one on two beads as bangles. Also, waist bead wearing just became very popular to Nigerian girls for so many reasons we don’t know yet – LOL.

Take a moment and ask yourself where all these beads are coming from -its simply someone’s business. You can learn to do that too, market where to sell is not a problem. Africans simply love beads!!!



Programming is not only a hot cake among the skills to learn in Nigeria but also to the whole world. In a simple term, Programming simply means solving man’s problem using computer algorithms. This skill is needed virtually in all fields of life and in all disciplines.

However, you can choose to specialize in web development, game or app development, Robotics and artificial intelligence, Bio informatics and so many more.

Since the innovation of cryptocurrency, the demand for Blockchain developers have been on the increase. In fact, any part of programming is just a hot cake.

The amazing thing is that you can think of an idea or a way to solve a problem and put it in a computer language or coding.

It means that this skill will not wear off easily since everything now is about computer, rather, there will be improvement in the industry.

If you re thinking of a place to enroll for Online Free Programming, try Edx, Coursera and Udemy.

In summary

If you check these skills, you will notice they all have to deal with the basic needs of man. Therefore, irrespective of the location of these businesses, they will always attract customers and money to you.

Again, these are entrepreneur skills to learn in Nigeria. Meaning, you will not have to be counted as part of the 23% unemployed nor the 20% of underemployed workers in Nigeria.

Finally, it is not easy to answer a CEO and do your things your way, that is why am writing in my own terms because am the CEO of my own blog – LOL.

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